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What Should Go in a Swag Bag?

Swag bags are a special event essential, and a great way for companies to gain brand exposure. In fact, a survey of close to 15,000 people revealed that 56% of respondents said their impression of a company improved after receiving a branded promotional gift. (1) However, we agree with the event management/ticketing experts at Eventbrite that the quality of the swag reflects the brand. Choosing items that people find attractive, enjoyable and functional ensures your clients’ brands will be exposed to as many people as possible.

5 Steps to Help Clients Build a Great Swag Bag:

  1. Determine a budget per bag and don’t overspend.
  2. Select a quality bag – it’s the star of this show after all – for a swag presentation that impresses. The perfect bag for your swag may reflect an of-the-moment-trend or a classic design, depending on the event.
  3. Include products that support a theme or event goals and will make an impact with the recipients. 4 to 6 products per bag is a nice range of items.
  4. Work with your clients to develop cool and meaningful imprint artwork that will help add to each item’s longevity and boost brand impressions.
  5. Allow plenty of time for product selection, artwork creation and proof approval so your swag bags arrive at least a week before they are needed.

Awesome & Effective Swag Ideas

When it comes to designing exactly what should go into a swag bag, there’s no need to be overly extravagant a la the Academy Awards (the
2020 Oscars swag was valued at a whopping $225,000!) Just considering a few factors like product longevity, quality over quantity,
audience demographics and utility can connect your clients with great swag at any budget.


Interest in sustainability is here to stay, so swag bags with an environmentally conscious theme are sure to be a hit. Going beyond the items inside, make sure the bag itself is reusable and durable so it will last and reduce the overall environmental impact.

Desirable Drinkware

A mug or tumbler are not necessarily cutting-edge when it comes to swag ideas. However, if a brand wants to differentiate their style and make a lasting impression it’s easy with drinkware attendees will love to receive. A durable Koozie® tumbler is always a popular gift that also capitalizes on the highly recognized Koozie® brand name.

Be Colorful

Not only is adult coloring a popular craze, it also helps people relax and calms the mind. A set of colored pencils with an adult coloring book associates your brand with stress-free feelings and see your brand message every time they unwind at the end of the day.

The Tech Effect

You may think a tech accessory is out of your client’s budget, but that’s not necessarily true! Today’s technology promos range from inexpensive charging cables to high-end Bluetooth® speakers and everything in between. Consider taking inspiration from the latest tech trends to help with item longevity. For instance; USBs, chargers and speakers with natural elements that help them blend into their surroundings – a top trend from CES 2020.

Insta-Worthy Apparel

It may sound cliche, but free tees are one of the most popular forms of giveaways. In fact, people in the U.S. own more promotional t-shirts than any other swag. (3) However, nothing’s worse than those t-shirts sitting at the bottom of a drawer forever getting zero brand impressions. So take a cue from social and include hoodies with a trendy vibe (like vintage styles), tees that all the influencers are wearing (like Champion®) and other looks that are sure to get likes on social media.

When you’re looking to build a sensational swag bag, BIC Graphic NA is ready with thousands of items across 10+ categories and 50+ brands to suit any client and budget. Visit bicgraphic.com to discover more.

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