Emotional Expressions


It All Begins With Organization

With all personalization, your database it extremely important. Make sure the names are all spelled exactly how they want them. For example, your best customer John Jones always goes by J.J., make sure your customer’s preferred name is used over their formal name. If you are using our mailing services make sure your addresses are accurate and up to date to avoid waste.

Steps to Getting Your Campaign Started

1. Are you a distributor?

If yes, cool, you’re in the right spot. If you’re looking to buy for yourself, we can connect you to one that’s amazing and in your area. If you need one assigned to you, click here.

2. Identify which product you want.

6 choices of calendars, 2 choices of greeting card styles, multiple sizes of postcards and whether you want us to mail your calendars, greeting cards or postcards for you.

3. Collect the images you would like to use.

Check out our full image library here, and tell us which images you want to use. If you don’t find the perfect one, consider us creating a custom image just for you!

4. Create the messaging you would like to send to your customer.

Write up your own monthly message on each calendar page, or the message on your greeting card or postcard. But don’t sweat it too much, because to be honest, whoever gets it will be mainly staring at their name on the image for that warm fuzzy feeling.

5. Your company's information and logo

Personalized images make your piece stick around for a much longer time, make sure they see your logo and how to contact you every time they look again (and again) at their name.

6. The database of people you would like to mail to!

Have we mentioned their name is really important to them enough yet? It starts with a simple spreadsheet you need to include. Keep the first name and last name in separate columns and the same with address, city, state and zip for mailing.  Always, always double check that you’re spelling their name correctly! Also, please no “hiding” of columns or rows in excel. We love a good game of hide and go seek, but hidden data makes for bad surprises.

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